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Basic Lessons

The Basic Lessons are the foundation of the VoiceTown program where you Learn to make the sounds of a neutral English accent and learn various pronunciation tips to reduce your accent. Along with the lessons, there are vocabulary lists, tips, and practice materials in this module. It is a prerequisite to complete the Basic Lessons module before you move on to any other module.


Pronunciation Tips

Included are lists of words such as the 200 Most Commonly Used Words in English, various pronunciation tips, and extra practice sheets for the more difficult sounds in English.


Life in America

This module contains thousands of vocabulary terms used in everyday situations such as going to the doctor, eating in a restaurant, travel, and many others are included to help improve your conversations at home, school, and work. This module is helpful for anyone currently living in or planning to live in the United States.

It is required that you complete the Basic Lessons before you can access the Life in America module. The Basic Lessons are the foundation for all of the other materials on the site.


TOEFL Preparation

This section contains a concise list of strategies to help raise your scores on the speaking portion of the tests. A list of 500 words meant to increase your vocabulary for the test is also included. This module is helpful for students planning to attend or who are currently attending a university in the United States.


Professional Vocabularies

Thousands of words from various subjects such as accounting, chemistry, engineering, statistics, and more are listed in this module to help improve conversations at school and work. Each category has a list of 150 – 300+ words. You can also submit your own list of words that will be added to the module. This module is helpful for people in business and those studying or planning to study in the United States.

by: Idris Kamara
November 7, 2023