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You should submit your suggestions to the site at [email protected] The site is meant to be interactive and will be updated regularly to meet the needs of our students.
You can submit words or lists of words to the site and they will be written in MyAccentTrainer, recorded, and uploaded on the site, at no extra cost to you. The site is meant to be interactive and meet the needs of the students. For example: If you want to submit a list of words for the professional vocabulary section, you should type the words as a word list or on an excel spreadsheet and submit it to the site at [email protected]. You may submit 150 – 300 terms per section and may submit as many sections as you want. If there are just a few words you would like added to any list on the site, type them up, let us know what section they should go in, and they will be recorded and uploaded on the site.
The speaking section is the most failed section of the TOEFL Tests and MyAccentTrainer can improve your pronunciation dramatically. These materials are for the speaking section of the test only. There are hundreds of pages of information condensed to less than ten pages for you to study. The basics have been identified and presented in a concise manner. There is also a list of 500 vocabulary words identified to help with the test.
The MyAccentTrainer Basic Lessons are the foundation for all the other modules on the website and will help you correct individual sounds you may be mispronouncing. Pronunciation Tips will help with additional practice on difficult sounds as well as rules of pronunciation. Since the questions on the Speaking Test include personal and professional vocabulary, it would be best to study the sections on Life in America and Professional Vocabularies, as well as the TOEFL section. Not only will you learn individual words that will be helpful, but you will also become more familiar with the patterns of English pronunciation.
Whether you are interested in getting a promotion at work, giving professional presentations, taking university courses, or interested in becoming a teaching assistant, MyAccentTrainer will help you with the correct pronunciation of academic and professional vocabulary. If there are words that are not listed on the site, or a whole category of words, such as microbiology or music, you can submit them to the site on a word list or an excel spreadsheet. You can list as many as 150-300 words per category or add a few words to any list and send them to [email protected]. The words will be written in MyAccentTrainer and recorded and uploaded on the site at no extra cost to you.
You will learn to pronounce commonly used words correctly and will be better understood at the grocery store, restaurant, doctor’s office, children’s schools, university, etc.
English is a very difficult language to learn because there are many pronunciation rules and exceptions to those rules. In this section, you will learn various rules for pronunciation, how the pronunciation of words is modified, the pronunciation of frequently used words, and words made up of 2, 3, 4, and 5+ sounds, and more.
The lessons are the foundation for all the other modules on the site. If you don’t take the lessons, you will not be able to understand how the MyAccentTrainer program works. Once the lessons are completed, you will be able to hear all the sounds of English, know how to pronounce them correctly with proper stress and intonation, or combine them into words.
Although it will help students at all levels, the website is designed to help students who already know some English, at the intermediate to advanced levels. The different sections will improve your communication in your personal and professional life by learning to properly pronounce words you may already use or words you will use in the future. It will also help prospective university students prepare for the TOEFL/IELTS tests.
MyAccentTrainer uses the English alphabet to identify individual sounds in words. Rather than mimicking a word, you can listen to and read the pronunciation of thousands of words. The yearly subscription allows you to study this self-guided program at your own pace. If you don’t see the content you need, you will be able to request additional vocabulary words on the site by submitting them on a word document or an excel spreadsheet to [email protected] at no extra cost to you. You may submit additional terms to any of the sections or submit entire lists of words that you would find useful. For new lists of words, such as a new category in Professional Vocabularies, you may submit 150-300 terms. They will be written in MyAccentTrainer, recorded, and uploaded on the site. The MyAccentTrainer website is meant to be interactive to meet the needs of our students.

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